We recognise that companies often need diverse help with running their business and often these will flow out of challenges identified through the financial control systems in place. Accordingly we have teamed up others, under the banner of UK Business Advisors – UKBA, who are either able to add additional skills to a client or who by being based elsewhere allows us to give geographic wide coverage.

Some of these are:

  • London Group Business Advisors – LGBA

A geographically based group of advisors who concentrate on the London and surrounding counties for offerring their services. Skills covered are diverse including inter alia marketing/sales, HR, and website customisation.

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  • Turnround Group Business Advisors – TGBA

A  sub-group of the UKBA which specialises in turning business around who find themselves in difficulty for whatever reason. The turnround process varies on a case by case basis and in extreme situations may require drastic action. In these circumstances we bring in experts in the specific areas that require these.

We are active members of this group.


  • Financial Support  Business Advisors – FSBA

A grouping of business advisors with accounting and financial management skills who specialise in giving support services to businesses needing a “virtual” finance director or just someone able to help in managing cash flows and keeping a watching brief on the financial performance of the business.

The members are supported in turn by colleagues in the UKBA who cover such skills as marketing and sales, IT, HR and H&S and the many other aspects of business management.

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  • Financial Professional Support Services – FPSS

This is a company which supplies web based bookkeeping services. Useful to companies who have difficulty getting the right bookkeeping staff or where space is at a premium.


  • K&S Accounting

An accounting company in Cape Town South Africa geared to the SME with broad experience with UK, Irish and EU accounting methodology.  Its principal is well  versed in broad management consulting activity