Company Secretarial

Although unlisted companies do not have a requirement any more for a designated company secretary, company secretarial work must still be done.

There is much information which must be advised to Companies House, be it for the first time or amendmends thereto. These include shareholdings, addresses, addresses where the official records of the company are kept, changes in directors as well as the annual return. Failure to comply or dead lines missed can incur severe penalties.

Some of the filing incur a Companies House fee such as the annual return whilst others are free.

Official minutes should be kept and dividends agreed must be recorded. The company secretary will normally issue the dividend warrent for shareholders to use when compiling their tax returns.

Companies House is also moving to a fully webfiling body which requires registration as a webfiler and an ability to pay on-line.

We maintain an electronic filing system for those clients wishing to outsource this function. If interested do contact us at

For furher information go to:


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