Services We Provide

The services are all designed to give greater control of and allow better management of the SME business. The services are grouped into three main focus areas:

  • Financial Control

With control is meant the financial function of the firm. It goes beyond bookkeeping and extracting data from accounting software. It’s about using the data for effective management and looking towards the future. It’s about integrating the financial side of the business with marketing and sales and operations.

  • Strategy

Here we act as “virtual” Financial Directors looking at the bigger picture and developing strategies in the financial sphere  to achieve the goals the company sets itself.

It’s not measuring alone but planning and innovation.

  • Consulting

Recognising that companies need more than financial control and strategic management these services address needs which may arise through growth or other challenges. These maybe that the company has got itself into difficulties and needs a way out. It maybe that major expansion requires that extra input covering areas other than financial control, for example a due diligence or drafting shareholders agreements.